Ethamolin® (Ethanolamine Oleate) Injection 5% is indicated for the treatment of patients with esophageal varices that have recently bled, to prevent rebleeding.

Ethamolin® is a QOL Medical product.

Ethamolin® and Band Ligation for
    Complete Control of all Size Esophageal Varices

  • The only FDA-APPROVED sclerotherapy for the treatment of bleeding esophageal varices
  • Able to treat varices of ANY kind
  • Alone or with RBL provides complete control of ALL SIZE bleeding esophageal varices
  • Minimizes risks of rebleeding: 9% of patients on Ethamolin compared to 100% of sodium morrhuate patients *
  • Precise Dosing: Premixed. Ready to use 2mL ampules allows more precise dosing of 1.5 to 5mL per varix.
  • Safety: 4.3% of patients on Ethamolin® develop early esophageal ulcers versus 36.3% of sodium morrhuate patients*
Kitano, S., Wada, H., Yamaga, H., et al. Comparative effects of 5% ethamoline oleate versus 5% sodium morrhuate for sclerotherapy of esophageal varicies. Journal of Gastro & Hepatology Vol. 6. 1991; 476-480.

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